OTTO V1-11567 Covert Tubeless Listen Only Earpiece, 2.5mm Connector, Left Ear

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OTTO COVERT Police Listen Only, 2.5mm, Left Ear

Manufacturer: OTTO Engineering  |  Part Number: V1-11567

OTTO COVERT sets a new standard for quality, discretion, and clarity, providing reliable communication across surveillance teams. The new earphone kit's exceptional sound quality provides discreet audio reception, even in loud environments, allowing ambient sound to pass fully while preserving binaural hearing and situational awareness.

The industry standard and benchmark against which all high-performance wire kits are measured, OTTO’s V1-11567 Low Visibility Covert Receive Only Surveillance Kit is unparalleled in quality, providing reliable transmissions and offering users the privacy needed in secure communication environments. Engineered for situational awareness. Ideal for patrol, undercover, SWAT, Fire, EMT, elite security and executive protection.

Comfortable for extended wear. Exception sound quality. Includes multiple eartip sizes so the user can find a secure, comfortable fit. Compatible with speaker / shoulder microphones, Push-to-Talk (PTT) adapters with a 2.5mm earphone jack and the OTTO Surveillance PTT.

Notes -
Mics and PTTs are sold separately.
2.5mm Listen Only Earpieces are commonly used with Harris speaker microphones

Practically invisible to the casual observer
Comfortable for use during extended shifts
Includes multiple eartip sizes
Compatible with 2.5mm earpiece ports

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