3.5mm Threaded Listen Only Earpiece, Long Straight Cord



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Sheepdog 3.5mm Threaded Acoustic Tube Listen Only Earpiece with Long Straight Cord

The Sheepdog SD-AT-3.5T is a 3.5mm threaded listen only acoustic tube privacy earpiece with a Public Safety Grade design and straight cable that connects directly to shoulder speaker microphones with a 3.5mm jack. It’s polyurethane jacketed Kevlar reinforced cabling with strain reliefs creates superior durability. Includes clear acoustic tube made from high grade surgical tubing, silicone mushroom ear tip, and a pair of semi-custom open ear insert earmolds. Provides discreet and private communication from two way radio through a high output speaker earpiece. To use, simply connect receive only threaded 3.5mm plug into hand or palm microphone port and attach reinforced earphone clip to back of collar. Once the receive (RX) only earpiece is connected, audio is redirected from the mic to the silicone eartip on the headset. Acoustic tube can be cut to desired length. Remove acoustic tube by turning quick-twist connector counterclockwise and pulling out of transducer. Tube can be cut above or below the coil. Simply reattach elbow or quick-twist connector, push back into transducer, and turn clockwise to lock into place. Additional ear options are also available for purchase such as noise attenuating plugs to reduce background noise. Ear options may also improve comfort for users. Ideal for Law Enforcement Police Officers, Fire, and EMT. Maintaining your SD-AT-3.5T is very simple. If audio quality begins to deteriorate, inspect acoustic tube and transducer for any obstructions such as moisture build-up or debris. Compressed air can be used to remove blockage. If acoustic tube is removed and audio can be heard clearly through transducer, a replacement tube is necessary.

Length: 30 inches from connector to connector.

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