Sheepdog HDLO, Covert 2.5mm Listen Only, Tubeless (24-Inch)



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Sheepdog HDLO - 2.5mm Connector, Tubeless, 24-Inch Cord

This is a 2.5mm product. If you need assistance determining which connector size you require, please Contact Us.

The Sheepdog HDLO, covert 2.5mm listen only police earpiece is reversible, allowing officers to wear the receive only earpiece on either the right or left ear. Engineered for complete situational awareness, the HDLO is lightweight, nearly invisible and delivers premium voice audio directly to the user's ear via a Knowles armature micro-speaker. Despite their tiny size, balanced armature drivers offer incredibly detailed and accurate sound. Their thin, lightweight diaphragms are highly responsive for unprecedented clarity. And because the coil doesn’t move, more copper can be used, resulting in lower power consumption. The HDLO offers discreet voice communications and unsurpassed comfort. To use, simply connect to your two-way radio speaker microphone via the 2.5mm earpiece audio port. Premium voice audio - Receive crisp 10-2 receive (RX) audio from dispatch and other LEOs. Low-profile durable cabling. 24-Inch version - designed to be used with shoulder mounted speaker microphones. See the 12-inch HDLO for chest mounted speaker microphones. Commonly used with Harris speaker microphones with a 2.5mm earpiece jack.

Length: 24 inches (60 cm)

What's Included:

1 x Sheepdog HDLO Listen Only Earpiece ( (2.5mm / 24-Inch Cord)
1 x Cable Clip (Removable)
1 x Cable Guide (Removable)
1 x Medium Fan Eartip
1 x Large Fan Eartip
1 x Carry Case

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