N-Ear 360 - Left Ear, Covert Police Listen Only Earpiece, 3.5mm Connector, 22 Inch Cable, Tubeless

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N-Ear 360 - Left Ear, Covert Police Listen Only Earpiece, 3.5mm Connector, 22 Inch Cable, Tubeless

The N-ear 360 earpiece, designed by Denmark’s leading in-ear experts, is trusted by high-performance military, law enforcement and security teams around the world. The N-ear 360 Original delivers complete situational awareness, crystal clear receive audio and zero attenuation. Holding 5 patents, the N-ear 360 Original is tubeless, ultra discreet, and built with the most advanced Knowles micro-speaker. The patented bend on the N-ear 360 allows for in-ear stability and unsurpassed comfort. Lightweight and durable, the N-ear 360 eliminates ear fatigue, even during long shifts.

To use, simply plug the N-ear 360 into your two-way radio speaker microphone earphone port. Route cabling to fit your needs. Loop the wire over your ear and gently twist the earpiece into your ear canal.

What's Included

1 x N-ear 360 Original Earpiece (Left Ear)
1 x Cable Clip
1 x Standard Open Ear Tip
1 x Double Flange Ear Tip
8 x Ear Wax Filters
1 x End-User Zipper Case
1 x User Guide (Site Link)
2-Year Warranty


Designed to stay in the ear canal all day. You literally cannot tell you’re wearing an earpiece.

N-ear patented housing holds a premium audio micro-speaker perfectly optimized for speech so you can clearly hear your radio communications.

The micro speaker + the open ear tip makes it possible to hear both your surroundings and your radio.

The patented bend over the top of the ear is a key N-ear exclusive feature. This supports the perfect fit to your ear and ensures the earpiece from falling out even during contact or hands-on incident.

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