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Sheepdog Mics offers a broad selection of military and public safety two-way radio accessories

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ARC Astra Radio Communications Police Speaker Mic Earpieces Headsets
ARC’s product capabilities range from unmatched noise-canceling technology, water protection for a variety of IP ratings, as well as an established history in pioneering the development of undercover communication accessories. 
DRONECOMMS Drone Operator Headsets for Two-Way Radio Systems. Ideal for Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue Operations. Boom Mic Headset with Ring PTT. Keep your eyes on task.
Earphone Connection Police Speaker Mic Earpieces Headsets Since 1997, The Earphone Connection, Inc. has worked diligently to deliver professional and innovative two-way radio accessories to the law enforcement industry. Manufacturer of the Hawk Lapel Microphone.
Endura - Power Products - Radio Chargers and Batteries Endura audio accessories are high-quality products with durable construction including a Kevlar reinforced cord. All models feature heavy-duty strain reliefs. From demanding environments to light duty use, Endura has a mic option for a wide range of applications.
Impact Radio Accessories Police Speaker Mic Earpieces Headsets Founded in 1999, Impact Radio Accessories has grown to become a world leader in the design and manufacture of unique communication products for public safety, military, retail, hospitality, construction, healthcare, education, industrial, and entertainment applications.
Magnetic Mic - Mobile Radio Mic Clip Magnetic Mic enhances safety by reducing distracted driving. This easy-to-use conversion kit helps drivers stay focused on the road when picking up and returning a CB or police radio microphone to its holder.
N-ear - Police Two Way Radio Earpieces and Mics
The N-ear brand, products, and expert team are dedicated to bringing premium audio accessories to the two-way radio industry. Influenced by European design and quality, N-ear's mission is that the brand and level of service are synonymous with quality.
OTTO Engineering Communications Police Speaker Mic Earpieces Headsets OTTO Communications designs and manufactures communications accessories, specializing in mission-critical equipment for the two-way radio market. USA-Made.
Sheepdog Microphones Tactical Communications Sheepdog Microphones outfits our nation's first responders with high-quality surveillance earpieces, lapel mics, heavy duty shoulder microphones, tactical throat mics, bone conduction (SWAT) headsets, listen only earpiece and radio batteries or desktop or vehicle radio chargers.