Sheepdog Tactical Advisors


Industry professionals brought together to design, engineer, and field test communication equipment


U.S. Army (Retired) - United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) K9 Handler Program (10 years). During his time with USASOC, Shawn was heavily involved in the testing and implementation of advanced K9-specific equipment. Currently, Shawn is a LEO and K9 handler for a major metropolitan police department in North Carolina. “Communication is key for successful deployments.”

Mark J

With 19 years in the communications industry, Mark has vast experience in land mobile radio, marine and aviation systems, and has held key positions with multiple leading manufacturers. A Cold War veteran, Mark served as a US Army Infantryman (11B) with the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment and on Korea’s DMZ with the 2nd Infantry Division. After ETS, Mark was recalled for Operation Desert Storm to instruct combat tactics and prepare reservists for deployment. Mark knows that instant, clear communication is key to success in any situation.

Leonard L

26-year member of LVMPD, retired. Worked as Pilot in Command of MD530F Helicopters (little birds). Worked in several covert assignments, some as a supervisor, where Communication was key. Lives, money and freedom depended on it. Communications equipment must be durable, resilient, and reliable. In current capacity, working as an owner / managing member of a Private Investigation/Executive Protection Company.

Bob M

30-year member of LVMPD, retired. 25-year member of SWAT. Worked numerous hostage rescues, service of high-risk warrants, high risk/violent suspect investigations and dignitary protection from President Clinton through President Obama. Currently owner of an Executive Protection Company serving Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 Company Executives.


We work closely with federal, state and local agencies to identify suitable communication equipment through proper field testing.

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