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Why Do Officers Prefer Covert Listen Only Earpieces?

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Why Do Police Prefer Covert Listen Only Earpieces?

The primary benefits of covert earpieces for police officers is the discretion and comfort they provide. Covert earpieces are commonly built with micro-speakers, similar to those used in hearing aids, and deliver high-quality audio directly to the user's ear. Built with ultra-thin wiring, covert earpieces are comfortable for all day use, with no ear fatigue. Additionally, covert earpieces do not have an acoustic tube. Acoustic tubes tend to reduce audio quality due to moisture build-up. Sheepdog offers several covert earpiece solutions to fit your budget and operational needs.

LEO Covert Listen Only Earpiece

The Sheepdog LEO-CLO-3.5B Covert Police Listen Only Earpiece is compatible with shoulder speaker microphones that accept a 3.5mm plug. Covert listen only earpieces are ideal for public safety, security, military and hospitality industry workers. Connects directly to shoulder speaker microphone. Equipped with metal clothing clip to secure earpiece to collar. Once connected, radio traffic becomes private as it is redirected from speaker microphone to the user’s ear. The covert listen only earpiece is low-profile and delivers 360 degree situational awareness. Enjoy premium audio even in noisy environments, ensuring you hear every detail. Experience comfort and concealment with a small, unobtrusive earpiece. The 22-inch cable allows for use with shoulder or chest mounted speaker microphones. Includes eartips and clothing clip.

What's Included
Covert Listen Only Earpiece, Open Eartips (S, M, L), Clothing Clip, Retention Hook (Removable)