Cougar 2-Wire Surveillance Mic EP4028EC, Harris




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Cougar Two-Wire with Easy Connect Adapter

The Cougar 2-Wire Surveillance Earpiece Microphone by is used by more law enforcement officers (LEOs) across the nation than any other surveillance earpiece. This Cougar is extremely durable and reliable. The kit is lightweight, easy to use and includes clothing clips to conceal the wires and to secure the mic to your uniform. The polyurethane-jacketed, Kevlar coated cabling provides extended field life. The Easy Connect adapter allows the user to disconnect the microphone from the radio without removing the radio adapter and reduces wear and tear on the radio housing and connector. The Cougar kit includes the surveillance 2-wire, Easy Connect adapter, clear coiled acoustic tube and left and right medium Fin Ultra ear inserts.

Radio Compatibility

Harris XL-45P, XL-95P, P5300, P5400, P5500, P7300, XG-15, XG-15P, XG-25, XG-25P, XG-75, XG-75P, XG-75Pe radios