N-Ear 360 Flexo Dual - Covert Police Listen Only Earpiece, 3.5mm Connector, 24 Inch Cable, Tubeless

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N-Ear 360 Flexo Dual - Covert Police Listen Only Earpiece, 3.5mm Connector, 24 Inch Cable, Tubeless

The new N-ear 360 Flexo series is the successor to the N-ear 360 Original. The 360 Flexo Dual allows officers to wear the receive only earpiece in the right and left ear. The N-ear 360 Flexo series, holding several patents, is built with the most advanced Knowles Micro Speakers in the world. Designed for discreet voice communications, with the sophistication to handle smartphones and low-volume sound and music. Unsurpassed comfort. Connects to two-way radio speaker microphones via the 3.5mm earpiece audio port.

The N-ear 360 Flexo Dual tubeless earpiece is designed by Denmark’s leading in-ear experts to be the most comfortable, covert, and best-sounding earpiece for 2-way radios and workforce audio devices. The N-ear 360 Dual is trusted by high-performance law enforcement and elite security teams around the world. 

What's Included

1 x N-ear 360 Flexo Dual Earpiece
1 x Cable Clip
2 x Standard Open Ear Tip
2 x Medium Round Ear Tip
8 x Ear Wax Filters
1 x End-User Zipper Case
1 x User Guide (Site Link)
2-Year Warranty


Designed to stay in the ear canal all day. You literally cannot tell you’re wearing an earpiece.

N-ear patented housing holds a premium audio micro-speaker perfectly optimized for speech so you can clearly hear radio communications perfectly.

The micro speaker + the open ear tip makes it possible to hear both your surroundings and your radio.

The patented bend over the top of the ear is a key N-ear exclusive feature. This supports the perfect fit to your ear and ensures the earpiece from falling out even during contact or hands-on incident.

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