N-Ear 360 Original Dual, 3.5mm Connector, 24 Inch

N-EAR SKU: RO-360-24-3.5-D


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The N•ear 360™ Dual Ear earpiece provides a superior balanced skull sound that feels as if someone is talking to you in a normal physical environment.  This is what makes it easier to hold a conversation while still being able to listen to radio communications.  You will not have to remove your earpiece to hold a conversation. By using the N•ear 360™ dual-ear, users also find that they are able to lower the volume promoting long-term hearing health.  The patented bend over the ear twists into the ear canal with zero ear fatigue and stays comfortably in place.


1 x N-ear 360™ Original Dual Earpiece
1 x Shirt Clip
2 x Small Open Ear Tips
2 x Double Flange Ear Tips
8 x Ear Wax Filters
1 x End-User Zipper Case

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