OTTO V1-11570 Surveillance PTT Mic with 3.5mm Port, Kenwood NX/TK

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OTTO V1-11570 Surveillance PTT Mic with 3.5mm Port, Kenwood NX/TK

Manufacturer: OTTO Engineering  |  Part Number: V1-11570

The OTTO V1-V1-11570 Covert Surveillance PTT microphone has an easy-to-locate PTT button that activates silently for privacy, offers unmatched compatibility with listen only earpieces, and links directly to Kenwood NX and TK multi-pin connector radios. Combine with the new Covert Surveillance Earphone (sold separately) for a complete radio communication solution for patrol officers, tactical, surveillance, undercover, fire, EMT, elite security, executive protection and more.


Easy to locate PTT button
Remotely key your radio
3.5mm earpiece port with coil cord
20mm PTT rated to withstand harsh conditions including wind, dust and severe temperatures

Radio Compatibility

Kenwood NEXEDGE and P25 radio multi-pin radio models: NX-200, NX-210, NX-210G, NX-300, NX-300G, NX-410, NX-3200, NX-3300, NX-5200, NX-5200-IS, NX-5300, NX-5300-IS, NX-5400, NX-5400-IS, TK-D200, TK-D300, TK-190, TK-200, TK-280, TK-290, TK-380, TK-385, TK-390, TK-410, TK-411, TK-480, TK-481, TK-2140, TK-2180, TK-2260, TK-3140, TK-3148, TK-3180, TK-3212, TK-3260, TK-4180, TK-5210, TK-5210(G), TK-5220, TK-5310, TK-5310(G), TK-5320, TK-5400, TK-5410, TK-5410D, TK-5420, VP5230, VP5330, VP5430, VP6230, VP6330, VP6430.