PROFILE Tubeless Listen Only Earpiece, Black, 3.5mm



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PROFILE Tubeless Listen Only Earpiece, Black, 3.5mm Connector

The PROFILE Tubeless Listen Only Earpiece. Tubeless design. Allows officers to wear the receive only earpiece in either the right or left ear. The 29-inch cord length allows the cable to be concealed and tucked away. The 1-inch coil extends to 4 inches and allows the user to turn their head without the wire pulling. The PROFILE is built with the a micro speaker and configured for discreet two-way radio voice communications. Connects to two-way radio speaker microphones with a 3.5mm earpiece audio port. Designed to be comfortable, covert, and to deliver clear receive audio. Ideal for military, law enforcement and elite security teams. Compatible with standard eartips and semi-custom ear inserts (earmolds). Includes two clothing clips to secure the cable to the uniform, outer carrier or vest, left and right medium earmolds for situational awareness, and a black eartip for high noise environments.

Tubeless Listen Only Earpiece - Discreet, Comfortable, Durable
3.5mm Connector - Use with Speaker Microphones and Tactical PTT Buttons
29-Inch Cable - Easy to Conceal on Uniform, Vest or Outer Carrier
Includes Left and Right Earmolds for Situational Awareness
Black Standard Eartip for High-Noise Environments
Includes (2) Clothing Clips to Secure the Wire to Police or Security Uniform

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