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Sheepdog Tactical Boom Mic Headset for Tait TP8100 TP9300 TP9400 Series

The Sheepdog SD-BMH-T8T (Tactical Boom Microphone Headset) is a heavy-duty, behind-the-head, flexible boom mic headset with a waterproof, polycarbonate Body Switch / Push-to-Talk (PTT) housing, high-quality single speaker and Kevlar reinforced strain reliefs for harsh environments. This headset is designed and engineered for police (SWAT), fire and specialized EMT, utilizing the toughest of construction practices. The SD-BMH is outfitted with Kevlar reinforced, polyurethane jacketed coiled cables. SD mic cables are military-grade and engineered to provide extended life and retain original shape. The headband is adjustable and foam padded for comfort and is suitable for use with most tactical or ballistic helmets. The noise-cancelling, flexible boom mic allows users to transmit clear, 10-2 audio to dispatch or other team members. The waterproof, tactical PTT assembly (body switch) is large, allowing the user to find and press the PTT even while wearing gloves or during high stress situations. The cables are long and give the user the ability to configure and secure the kit to their uniform or tactical, load-bearing vest and body armor. The SD-BMH is built with a premium mic element. The high-output speaker is loud and produces clear receive audio. The SD-BMH is a modular kit and components can be replaced in the field.

Tait: TP3000 TP3300 TP3550 TP8100 TP8110 TP8115 TP8120 TP8135 TP8140 TP9300 TP9310 TP9355 TP9360 TP9400 TP9435 TP9440 TP9455 TP9460 TP9600 TP9655 TP9660

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