Tactical Mic Klip - TMK

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Tactical Mic Klip - TMK

Whether you wear your portable mic around your back and over the shoulder -or- you wear your mic hanging in the front; The TMK has you covered. The Tactical Mic Klip (TMK) is a potentially life-saving innovation for those who rely on radio communication. By creating a more secure and sensible hold than standard radio mic. Increasing the reliability of your gear allows you to perform duties as intended. TMK’s unique design ensures a firm hold on standard shirt buttons. Tested by the best, the TMK stays secure during struggles or at full sprint. With TMK, your blue tooth or corded radio mic will always be accessible. Mountable on any shirt or epaulet buttons, the TMK can be mounted for ease of access to the specific user. First responders and entire departments all over the country are fast adopting this innovative product. It’s simple, inexpensive, and made to withstand the trials of even the most active officers. Once you try TMK, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Compatible with a wide variety of portable mics, the TMK ensures communication capabilities to all radio users in the public or private sectors.

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